From the heart of winter, I am reviving from many weeks of being ”under the weather” literally and symbolically. Hibernating is a very pleasant state and we are told, healthy. So, I have tried to hibernate pleasantly. After recovering from viruses and infections, I have cleaned house, literally and symbolically.

White linnen have been whittened, bathroom and kitchen asepticised, germs hunted down, sock and underwear drawers compartimentalised. And the better Feng Shui has kept it’s promises and inspired a calm and contemplative state of mind for me to pursue inner transformations.


The hero’s journey that I have started a few years ago has been time and energy consuming. Since the beginning of the New year, the soul work has intensified and the momentum sped up. So I have not written in these pages.

But I am back and with lots of stories to tell.

Have a great end-of-winter


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