Body Joy is about  Massage, movement, body image, plus size services  and authentic embodied Joy.

 would like to talk with you about a few topics that I have been passionate about for most of my adult life… BODY  JOY … To accept the body that nature gave us, here and now, and to find authentic JOY, living, moving and loving in this body that we inhabit,  in the present moment. To appreciate our  beauty and find comfort and health in our bodies as they are today,


From this acceptance we may further our quest to connect with our inner Self and our desire to become more authentic. In my view, this is where we ultimately find JOY. I want to share with you this process through my personal and professional experiences,  parts of my own travels on this mythical journey.

My personal and my working life has been devoted to the study and the practice of various holistic bodywork and integral lifestyle. I have done this work myself and with and for people searching for a peaceful connection to the deeper parts of their souls but who disown their heavy, aging and suffering body. Together we strive towards embodied PEACE and JOY.


with  Christianne  Maisonneuve

Registered Massage therapist with ”La fédération Québécoise des Massothérapeutes”, personnal fitness trainer with YM-YWCA, Nordic walking instructor with INWA, group facilitator.







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